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Inti - Vegan crackling candles (6x)

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inti - Vegan crackling candles

The inti crackling candles transform yours ikiko ® in a small fireplace. Enjoy the interplay of the crackling of the candles and the soothing warmth.
The wooden wicks are 3cm wide and create a beautiful, gently flickering flame.

inti - Vegan crackling candles

  • Made from 100% vegetable wax
  • soot free
  • Odorless
  • 120 hours burn time per set
  • Greater heat development through 3cm wide wooden wick
  • Size: 6x6x6cm
Of course they are too inti crackle candles made of 100% vegetable wax,
The burning time is approx. 20 hours. They are odorless and CO2 neutral.
The inti crackling candles will also be available soon for refilling,

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