Every idea starts small

Conceived for today, made in a historic place

1. The prototype

The first ikiko® was half as small, but worked like a big one.

the smallest ikiko prototype

2. The scaling

fter the first step, the conversion to the original size follows, and what the little one could do, the big one can now do better.

full size ikiko 35x35x35cm

3. So far so good

After some tests, the two have earned their rest.

ikiko prototypes together

4. The materials

Design and craftsmanship now flow together. The first plaster model was implemented from the CAD drawing.

ikiko plaster mold from the new design

5. Shaped up

A negative mold guarantees the consistent design.

ikiko in shape

6. The place of origin

What is described here in a few steps is the result of a long-term development process of many tests and further developments until ikiko® could be manufactured in the historic ceramics factory in Neuzeug. Contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship are combined.



tealight oven_sofa_edited.jpg

ikiko® was made by one of the most experienced ceramic manufacturers in Austria. The raw material clay is sometimes unpredictable and very sensitive, because it is a natural material that varies slightly in its composition, these small differences can lead to cracks during the firing process. Of course, we check every "misfit" for its function and safety before we offer it for sale.

What one likes, the other may not like. We always love ikiko and we definitely don't want to just throw it away. Anyone who has a heart for little outsiders will certainly find the right one here.


Misfits of a special kind

Not the black sheep is different, but the white ones are all the same.

For the creative, ikiko® represents a blank canvas on which to express themselves.

The small cracks or visual deviations are a welcome challenge. From wild graffiti to calm, minimalist and humorous, everything is possible.

ikiko® is patient and can take a lot.

With alcohol you can turn your ikiko® into a white sheep again.

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