Interesting facts about the
ikiko® candle stove / tea light stove

ikiko® candle oven

"Iquiqu" or "Ekkeko" is a
Deity of the Incas and was the god of prosperity, abundance and warmth of the home. He was as a cheerful little man of small stature or dwarf, fat and dressed in typical clothing of the Andean mountains. We found this god very sympathetic and "iquiqu" became "ikiko".
der gott der feuerstelle für den ikiko kerzenofen oder teelichtofen


The celestial Lama Yacana is one of the most important constellations for the people in the Andes and describes the Milky Way. The star we know as Yacana is the epitome of all llamas. When it descends to earth, it bestows its heavenly wool on the people. At the same time, yacana drinks from the sea not only to prevent a deluge, but also to produce salt.

The felt pad yacana increases the comfort of the seat and the anti-slip coating provides a secure fit. The very dense felt simultaneously controls the temperature zones of the ikikos.


Our candles are called "inti" because
Inti is the sun god and the god of the rainbow in Inca mythology. He was depicted as a golden disc with a human face. A beautiful analogy to the warm light of the candle flame. 
Candlelight is romantic and we Germans love it, consuming 8,000,000 tea lights a year. If you consider that a tea light flame reaches 1200C° and has an output of about 40 watts, that adds up to an enormous heating capacity of 320,000,000 kw.

A single-family home consumes an average of 22,400 kWh of thermal energy per year. Tea lights alone would be enough to heat 14 single-family homes.  


Pour les poêle à bougies chauffe-plat ikiko®, nous recommandons les coupelles réutilisables pour bougies chauffe-plat, car :

Le poids de 0,008 kg de la tasse multiplié par 8 milliards équivaut à 64 000 tonnes d'aluminium. Cela correspond au poids d'environ 46 000 voitures de milieu de gamme (1,4 t). Nous jetons donc 46 000 voitures à la poubelle chaque année - rien qu'en Allemagne.


The attentive ikiko friend will have already noticed the small sticker.
We have noticed that many well-preserved shipping boxes end up in the waste paper. We find this very unfortunate and collect in our circle of acquaintances well-preserved boxes to give them a second chance.


ikiko kerzenofen und produkte werden umweltbewusst verpackt. gute verpackung wird recycelt.