ikiko® - Felt pads yacana


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 yacana felt pad

The 5 mm thick yacana felt pad made of 100% pure new wool is the perfect complement for your ikiko® candle stove. It has been specially tailored to the dimensions and requirements of the candle stove to ensure optimal fit and functionality.

The exceptionally high density of the felt pad makes it extremely durable and versatile. It withstands intensive use while maintaining its shape and quality.

The material of the yacana felt overlay is breathable, which means that it allows good air circulation and provides a comfortable sitting feeling. In addition, it is antibacterial, which speaks for hygienic use and easy care.

The anti-slip coating on the bottom of the felt pad provides a secure grip on the candle stove and prevents accidental slipping.

The particularly fine surface structure of the yacana felt pad supports the self-cleaning effect. By lightly tapping or wiping, the felt pad remains in a clean condition.

The yacana felt pad is a high-quality accessory for your ikiko® candle stove that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It adds an extra touch of style and comfort to your candle stove.

Experience the benefits of the yacana felt overlay and enjoy the natural, easy-care and durable material. Indulge in the comfort and quality that this felt pad offers and make your ikiko® candle stove experience even more enjoyable.

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