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There is a story behind every product. A story, by people, for people who transfer their passion to things and become more than just short-lived consumer goods. ikiko impresses with outstanding functionality and timeless design. When millennia-old craftsmanship enters into a symbiosis with modern design, the result is a durable product that brings joy to generations.

Andre Ehrlich Produktdesigner
Andre Honest

The genesis

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The result was even soaking and improved production with higher efficiency. Despite great simplification, no manufacturer could be found in Germany, even after a year of searching and phoning. Coincidence brought me into contact with an Austrian ceramist. Thanks to their enthusiasm for the product and their tireless commitment, the ikiko could be realized. In the end, craftsmanship and design found each other and created a new product that gives warmth and is a lot of fun. Ikiko® was born.

The maker

Beate Seckauer