"Iquiqu" or "Ekkeko" is one
Deity of the Incas and was the god of prosperity, abundance and the warmth of the home. He was a jolly little man, short in stature or dwarf, fat and dressed in typical Andean mountain clothing. We found this god very sympathetic and "iquiqu" became "ikiko".


Our candles are called "Inti" because
Inti is the sun god and the god of the rainbow in Inca mythology. He was depicted as a golden disc with a human face. A nice analogy to the warm light of the candle flame.

Candlelight is romantic and we Germans love it because we use 8,000,000,000 tea lights a year. If you consider that a tealight flame reaches 1200C° and has an output of about 40 watts, this results in an enormous heating capacity of 320,000,000 kw.

A single-family home consumes an average of 22,400 kWh of thermal energy per year. Tea lights alone would be enough to heat 14 single-family homes.

At ikiko® we recommend reusable tealight cups because:

0.008 kg weight of the cup multiplied by 8 billion equals 64000 tons of aluminum. That corresponds to the weight of around 46,000 mid-range cars (1.4 t). So we throw 46,000 cars in the trash every year - in Germany alone.

The attentive ikiko friend will have already noticed the small sticker.
We noticed that many well-preserved shipping boxes end up in the waste paper. We think that's a pity and collect well-preserved boxes from our circle of friends to give them a second chance.