Wax firing with ikiko® excluded

Hello dear ikiko ® friends. In this blog you will find out everything new about the ikiko ® candle oven.
Today's theme is everywhere right now. Dramatic images of burning flowerpot tealight ovens are shown. I don't want to condemn these constructions in advance. They are often made with a lot of love and certainly serve their own purpose.
In addition, tea lights should not be placed close together, but every child knows that by now. Nevertheless, the tea lights are placed tightly packed in the flower-top tea light ovens and a wax fire is provoked.
But now to the ikiko ® candle stove.
Many are familiar with the tea light ovens made from flower pots that have become popular in the meantime. Your safety is rightly criticized, but only if you act with gross negligence. They work according to the heat accumulation principle. The problem with this is that the back-up heat additionally heats the wax, causing it to vaporize and then ignite. This can be counteracted with greater distance, but this also reduces the effect.
This is not the case with the ikiko ® candle oven, it has heat recirculation, ie there are two chambers, the "combustion chamber" and the heat exchange chamber. A thermodynamic cycle prevents back pressure. The combustion chamber delivers its very hot air to the heat exchange chamber. If you don't use the inti candles, but commercial tea lights and place them close together in the combustion chamber, wax burning can occur, as is the case everywhere. This in turn would not bother the ikiko ® , after all it is used to far higher temperatures than candles could reach. There are two ways to react calmly to a wax firing. Take a damp towel and close the opening with it, then the ikiko ® will run out of air. Depending on where your ikiko ® is, you can simply let it burn. The combustion chamber is then very sooty, but that can be easily wiped off with a little glass cleaner. The soot inside is not a problem and can be left as it is. This makes the ikiko ® candle oven safe.
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