ikiko® candle stove / tea light stove

The premium ceramic candle stove

ikiko ® is a high quality candle stove, which is made in an Austrian ceramic manufactory. The award-winning manufacturer uses only high-quality materials. Each candle stove is made by hand and is unique.

Quality takes time

The long drying time of 2 weeks is an important quality feature. Long and gentle burning time gives the candle stove its stability.

Discover ikiko® candle stove - the perfect combination of quality and elegance.

Our ikiko® candle stove has been designed with the utmost care and attention to detail to provide you with a unique and impressive experience.

What really sets the ikiko® candle stove apart from other tea light stoves is the elaborate manufacturing process and its efficient use of candle heat. After undergoing an intensive drying period of two weeks, the final glaze firing follows, giving this masterpiece its final beauty. This careful treatment guarantees that every ikiko® candle stove is unique and can be presented with pride.

Our passion for perfection is also reflected in the thermodynamic processes that take place inside the ikiko® candle furnace. Over four years, we have worked tirelessly to improve these processes in order to achieve the optimum. The result is a candle stove that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offers remarkable heat output and energy efficiency.

Immerse yourself in the world of ikiko® candle stove and experience the perfect combination of quality, functionality and aesthetic charm. Each ikiko® candle stove is a masterpiece created with passion and dedication.


Each ikiko® candle kiln is made by experienced ceramists with great passion for their profession. Our experts bring over 30 years of experience to the production of these unique pieces. Every single step of the process is carried out with extraordinary care and dedication.

Already in the selection of the raw material, we place the highest value on quality and durability. Our ceramists know exactly which materials are best suited for the production of ikiko® candle kilns to ensure an outstanding end product.

Throughout the manufacturing process, ikiko® candle stoves are treated with attention to detail. From shaping to finishing, no compromises are made. Every step requires craftsmanship and precision to ensure that each piece is perfect.

The final firing of the ikiko® candle kilns is a decisive moment. This is where the many years of experience and skill of our ceramists come into play. They know exactly how to set the optimal temperatures and conditions to achieve the unique stability and beauty of each ikiko® candle kiln.

Thanks to the dedication and experience of our ceramists, ikiko® candle stoves are created that not only provide functional warmth, but also become works of art that decorate your home. Each ikiko® candle stove is a testament to craftsmanship and attention to detail that you can proudly display.



Good design is honest. It does not put form, function or production in the foreground. Good design does not follow, but creates a harmonious interaction of all disciplines. The ikiko® candle stove combines sustainable design with experienced craftsmanship.

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Invest in the ikiko® premium candle stove and let its performance and innovative design convince you. Enjoy a cozy warmth even if the power fails and create a cozy ambience in your home.

ikiko® candle oven

Inti - Vegan candles

These high quality glass candles are perfectly matched to the size and design of the candle stove for efficient and even heat distribution.

With the inti glass candle set, you can already reach the upper temperature range of the candle stove with 4 glass candles. This optimal base temperature provides a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in your rooms. You can enjoy the warmth and save energy at the same time.

yacana - felt pad

Enjoy the added comfort and safety provided by the Yacana felt pad for your ikiko® candle stove.

In addition, the Yacana felt cushion allows easy adjustment of temperature zones.

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Mindfulness with materials We at ikiko® candle stove attach great importance to responsible use of materials and sustainability. We would like to make a contribution